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The best ad props - Roll


  Roll advertising display props from aluminum and RP scaffold and display boards composed. Its structure is composed of a metal / plastic box for the shell, which rolled up painting, when used, to draw it out, the metal / plastic box when Dier, which is roll up.
  Roll from the structure is divided into:
  1. reel type: the bottom of a roll, there are spring, will now roll back roll cloth sheets inside. Open, pull out the cloth, with a stick in the back do support.
  2. Bracket Type: supported by a stand roll up a display board so composed.
  Roll usually have a variety of specifications: 80 * 200 100 * 200 120 * 200 150 * 200 Roll specific volume also can be made less than 2 m, width can be arbitrarily require, of course, if the number is not too under many circumstances, may require the use of a standard type.
  Roll steel division also roll up, roll up aluminum from the material. From the function can also be divided into two-sided roll up, roll up for painting can, Dripping Roll, roll roll up, roll up miniature.